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When Does Your Guitar Get You ?

When Does Your Guitar Get You ? You know what I mean that moment where you just are in total awe of the guitar tones you are producing where everything ! You, guitar, amp, pedals, the full moon, the beer is just in tonal balance. Is that the term for pure tone? I do not truly this is so subjective and also I think it's more of the moment. I have tapes of me playing in a band a long time ago, I swear those night's where magic. I listen today, it's too distorted, the tone is bass heavey, it's just really crap. But it WAS magical I was in the moment of guitar nirvana.

What I do here though is some pretty good playing, I kinda shrug and think wow I was pretty good. THAT's the magic of guitar tone, it's the inspiration and motivation to express and play outside your normal everyday limits. THAT IS WHAT TONE IS THAT IS WHAT TONE does for us. We are inspired to try the harmonic minor scale let say, and we make it work because the tone and bloom of the guitar notes are just in line with everything we are doing   READ MORE NOW