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Zvex Vertical Fuzz Factory SHIPPING


Zvex Vertical Fuzz Factory SHIPPING - The Zvex Fuzz Factory is one of the original boutique guitar pedals ever made, I remember seeing them at Guitar shows in the mid to early 1990s. Very cool, very unqiue, the enclosure was hand painted but the layout though unique was hard to use as pedalboards became more compact. The pedal layout went opposite of everything else on the board


We no longer, the Vertical model now give you ZVex cool but in the traditional guitar pedal layout. Packed with knobs that let you control everything from tight, radically fuzzy sounds that gate off instantly when you stop playing, to intermodulating oscillations that fight for control of your guitar as your notes decay, to shortwave radio sounds, ripping velcro and octave-like fuzz.

Pete Cornish Cables ARE BACK !

Pete Cornish Cables ARE BACK ! - We are SO happy to have Pete Cornish cables back in stock from the master himself and from the UK. There is no finer cable sonic quality of durability, bare no ! We have sold them for over 15 years, and never had one returned because they didn't [...]

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Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa Amos '58 V Set

Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa Amos '58 V Set - Joe Bonamassa’s 1958 Flying V was special even before being purchased by the famous bluesman – as one of just 98 Flying V’s produced by Gibson in the fifties, it has been featured in numerous books and magazines, and even had a cameo in the infamous mockumentary [...]

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Xotic LIMITED BB Pre-Amp Andy Timmons Model !!

Xotic LIMITED BB Pre-Amp Andy Timmons Model !! - I love Andy Timmons to me he is one of the most gifted guitar players in the world. He can shred, he can lay back, he plays great melody lines, he is a great songwritter, just has chops out the wazoo. He has teamed up with [...]

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Pedaltrain Spark Power Supply

Pedaltrain Spark Power Supply - Pedaltrain makes some of the finest pedalboards in the world, in multiple sizes for every guitar player's pedal needs. They make hard case or soft case, and now have produced a killer pedal power package that mounts right under the board (Pedaltrain). Up to 13 pedals can be powered, balanced [...]

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Point to Point Built Pedals and Amps ?

Point to Point Built Pedals and Amps ? THE TERM POINT-TO-POINT (PTP) refers to the method of wiring up a tube amp’s circuit or pedal with each component connected to the next using the components’ own leads with a minimum of wire,and little or no intervening circuit board of any kind. The theory is that a [...]

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XTS Custom Pedals are HERE !

XTS Custom Pedals are HERE ! - Musictoyz.com has been trying for years to get XTS pedals from Nashville and we finally pulled it off. They make some incredible handmade guitar pedals in the transparent overdrive, boost, and fuzz departments. The Imperial Overdrive and Winford Overdrive just have such richness and transparency you would think [...]

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Wah and Fuzz Pedal Play Nice ?

Wah and Fuzz Pedal Play Nice ? - Since the beginning of PF time, that is Post Fuzz there has always been debate of what goes first the Wah or the Fuzz ? Well you can always try anything you like, as that is the spirit of music to experiment. But for some basic things [...]

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Philip Sayce Modern Master

One of my FAV live performances Philip Sayce a cross between Lenny and Jimi and well Philip !! KILLER TONE just watch the video clip. This guy has chops, great vocals, and can just flat out play. I do feel bad for him if it was 30 years ago he would be a star, but [...]

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BUGGFX Daydream Guitar Delay

BUGGFX Daydream Guitar Delay - What a GREAT pedal this is delay is !!! I heard it on a board, and had to call them ASAP. So musical, so unique, so trippy, and beautiful The BuGGFX Daydream is a unique multi-band filtered delay. The signal is split into multiple parallel paths, individually delayed and filtered, then [...]

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