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SUHR ACE Analog Cabinet Simulator


SUHR ACE Analog Cabinet Simulator - SUHR again pushing the envelope of guitar technology of what is possible with their ACE pedal or Analog Cabinet Simulator.  This pedal takes on all the tool that are neccessary for desktop recording, studio recording, live playing with a PA, or just gettin rid of the old guitar amp all toghther ! 100% pure analog signal path from start to finish, the A.C.E. employs an advanced Multi-StageFiltering (MSF) network to generate stunningly realistic speaker cabinet simulations that capture/bring to life all the warmth, punch and character of a mic’d speaker cabinet to any performance without the assistance of DSP (digital signal processing). The A.C.E. (Analog Cabinet Emulator) is an active analog cabinet emulator designed to offer guitarists a portable and convenient way to capture the complex characteristics of a guitar speaker cabinet for a variety of recording (silent* or in a studio) and live performance applications without the use of a microphone.

The First Recorded Fuzz Guitar Tone

1960 : Marty Robbins releases "Don't Worry" in 1960/61 and is widely thought to be the first recorded and released fuzztone. A down home country tune till about 1:27 in the video and your hear a very distant Fuzztone for the lead. Some Sanford Clark another country rocker was also using Fuzztones on "Go Home" [...]

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TC Flashback Delay and HOF Reverb Version 2

TC Flashback Delay and HOF Reverb Version 2TC has shipped Version 2 of the famous and massively popular Flashback Delay and Hall of Fame Reverb guitar pedal series. These pedal now have more toneprints included, and a 40 second looper. The reverb and delay units are now more powerful than ever, and include all the [...]

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Keeley Plus Compressor Guitar Pedal NOW ON SALE !

Keeley Plus Compressor Guitar Pedal NOW ON SALE ! - Robert Keeley the man who invented the high end boutique compressor guitar pedal in the late 1990s now has released his very affordable Compressor Plus pedal. They are really toneful, well made, and now very affordable for all guitar players. The Keeley Compressor is the most [...]

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ADA GSC-5 Guitar Cabinet Simulator & DI Box

ADA GSC-5 Guitar Cabinet Simulator & DI Box - ADA released the big brother to the GSC3 and 2 with the GSC-5 the king of cabinent simulation. Turn any PA or Self Powered Speaker into a guitar stack or  No mics, power amps, guitar cabinets needed. Just take your guitar signal from your pedal [...]

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1940 Guitar Pedals

Yes there actually was a guitar pedal before their was mass produced electric guitars how crazy is that ! Before the Fender Stratocaster, Les Paul, Broadcaster there was the DeArmond Trem Troll 800 that was released as early as 1946 but most facts put it as released 1948. The way it worked it sent the [...]

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Dark Glass Electronics Premier Bass Pedals

Dark Glass Electronics Premier Bass Pedals - From Finland come the Dark Glass, like the Dark Forest, the Black Metal and the finest Bass Pedals in the world. Just incredible Tone Machine's for all the vintage and modern tones a Bass player could desire. Starting with the Vintage Microtubes, to the Vintage Deluxe, and the Vintage [...]

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Famous Guitar Pedal User

Famous Guitar Pedal User - Old photo of Jimi Hendrix Vox Wah and Fuzz Face guitar pedal user. The man who made pedals relevant in guitar culture back his day in a "dune buggy". Let your Freak Flag fly

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JHS Pedals Pink Panther Delay

JHS Pedals Pink Panther Delay - JHS on Monday released the return of the Pink Panther delay pedal and a smaller format but with even more delay echo power. It's a full one second of delay in the small little bad boy, with the highly desired tap tempo. This is great to set or re-adjust [...]

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Tru-Fi Pedals Sales Explode !

Tru-Fi Sales Exploded Last Weekend !Last weekend we ran a 20% coupon, and sales did really well. Below you see the picture of all the custom designed pedals our wonderful customer's purchased last weekend AT 20 % OFF !!!. Look at the array of pedal colors, these are pedals in a box, it's custom made [...]

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