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Dr. Scientist Atmosphere Reverb Pedal


Dr. Scientist Atmosphere Reverb Pedal : We have a fresh batch of Dr Scientist Atmosphere pedals that is just so advanced and unique it is beyond this small review. They are a tweaker's heaven, with reverb programmability out the ying yang for all your spacial needs. Standard Reverbs, and experimental with ton's of parameters and patch savings. Goto http://www.musictoyz.com/dr-scientist-atmospher-g... - TO ORDER 

Ross Pedals are SHIPPING !

Ross Pedals are SHIPPING ! - The re-issue of the famous Ross Compressor and Distortion are not just smoke they are actually here and SHIPPING ! These boxs are exactly like the 70s, with their same unique enclosures. The tone and what everyone desires in the compressor is exact FEEL THE SQUEEZE ! The demand [...]

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Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe Mk II Guitar Univibe Pedal

Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe Mk II Guitar Univibe Pedal -  Got a shipment of Fulltone Mini Dejavibes MK II the Mini version - I love this picture next to an @Iphone which shows just how small it has become. But do NOT let the size fool you the tone is bigger than ever and you can [...]

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​Dawner Prince Boonar Pedal Is Back IN STOCK

Dawner Prince Boonar Pedal Is Back IN STOCK : We got another shipment in, we have a few left. Incredible pedal, take off of Binson Echorec from @davidgilmour @pinkfloyd fame. Same push button type delay, just beyond cool. Get Some Tone www.musictoyz.com #guitarpedals #boutiqueguitarpedals #geareybusey #geartalk #tonefordays #guitarfx #guitarnerds #rarepedals #pedalboard #newpedalday

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Keeley DDR Pedal is OUT

Musictoyz.com : KILLER NEW Pedal from Keeley electronics! Everything you need in one pedal to jam or do a gig. Drive - Delay - Reverb GO! Plug in and JAM out !! Two Chords, one pedal one guitar one amp GET TONE ! www.musictoyz.com #guitarpedals #guitardaily #guitaristsofinstagram #guitaristsunite #guitarplayer #pedalboard #rockstar

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Beetronics Swarm is HERE and SHIPPING

Beetronics Swarm is HERE and SHIPPING - If you want something different that is aggressive,  toneful, different and exciting then the SWARM is for you. It has been pre-order for weeks and now is here and shipping GET THEM NOW ! The Swarm is an Analog Fuzz Harmonizer that sounds like a thousand killer bees coming [...]

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Maxon 40th OD808 Anniversary Overdrive Tubescreamer

Maxon 40th OD808 Anniversary Overdrive Tubescreamer - Maxon is the company that built the 808 for Ibanez in the 70s, and designed it as well. They are celebrating the 40th anniversary of this incredible event in pedal history with the a 40th year model with an updated output section from the original designer In the year [...]

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Klon KTR Shipment Arriving

Musictoyz.com : Limited supply as always of the world famous Klon KTR, they will be here Saturday and all of them will ship on Monday. Do not wait, we never know when more will be coming, get them while you can. KTR is the king of low gain distortion guitar pedals, they basically started it [...]

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Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe Mk II

Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe Mk II - Another SHIPMENT !  Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe has always been top of the heep but now its just crazy in size and tone. This Vibe has all the Jimi,  Robin Trower, SRV tones in it and its so small. Your pedalboard footprint will get half the size and [...]

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Mini MXR Carbon Copy Guitar Pedal

Musictoyz.com : The MXR Carbon Copy one of the most popular delay pedals manufactured in the last 10 years is now coming out in MINI SIZE. Now all the analog tone and ease of delay in a micro package that will fit on your mini pedalboard. Guitar tone abounds !  We just put it up [...]

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