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Ibanez NU Tubescreamer is Shipping


Ibanez NU Tubescreamer is Shipping - Is this the NEXT Tubescreamer in the amazing line of Ibanez TS overdrives ? Well it is, this is a huge leap here, taking the NuTube technology and putting it into a tubescreamer we approach a new era of Tubescreamers. The depth and transparency of this overdrive is quit incredible as we push the amp vs pedal debate even further. The guitar tones that are produced by pushing your amp harder, driven, and gain with this NuTube process really gives the amp a Texas SRV kick in the ass. We only got a few on our first shipment, if you want one ORDER NOW - They are in route should ship Fri/Monday - Do NOT Wait THANKS Click To Go

The original Tubescreamer achieved its place as an iconic overdrive in part, due to its ability to balance clean and distorted tones. Until now, this has was achieved by a 4558 op-amp section in the original circuit. However, in this new design the distortion is created not by clipping diodes, but by Nutube, just as would occur in any all tube pre-amp. The overdriven sound is then mixed with the clean signal and passed through a discrete circuit. Thanks to Nutube technology and the reworked circuitry, the NU TUBESCREAMER's natural compression and huge headroom is immediately perceptible to any player who uses it.

A brand new feature never previously offered on an Ibanez Tubescreamer, is a MIX knob that controls the balance of the clean and overdriven signals. The center position will create a mix equivalent to that of traditional Tubescreamers. Turning the knob counterclockwise, injects more of the clean signal while still retaining a traditional Tubescreamer mid boost. Turning it clockwise will decrease the clean tone and when fully clockwise, the clean tone disappears producing a fuller overdriven signal.