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The First Recorded Fuzz Guitar Tone


1960 : Marty Robbins releases "Don't Worry" in 1960/61 and is widely thought to be the first recorded and released fuzztone. A down home country tune till about 1:27 in the video and your hear a very distant Fuzztone for the lead. Some Sanford Clark another country rocker was also using Fuzztones on "Go Home" which you can find on Youtube. But to me it sounds like ripped speakers or something else not a true Fuzz Box. What was the pedal used on the Marty Robbins, well it was home made and unknown.

Desert Island Guitar Pedal

Desert Island Guitar Pedal - If you were to be ship wrecked, like fall off a Cruise Ship where you had all your guitar gear with you. You then wash up on shore and the guitar gods stop you as your walking to shore and inform you. You may only take one pedal. Just one [...]

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