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​This Day in 1966 Jimi Hendrix


This Day in 1966 Jimi Hendrix - Tru-Fi.com - This week in 1966 Jimi Hendrix Experience released their first single "Hey Joe" and the rest as they say is history. Jimi was brought to England in Sept 1966 by Chas Chandler of the Animals and in three months they put toghther the Experience and made this single. Jimi a early fuzz pioneer isn't it time you got some Fuzz ? GET THE FUZZ ! www.tru-tone.com www.musictoyz.com #jimihendrix #heyjoe #guitarporn #pedalporn #fuzzpedal #guitarist #Pedalboard #stompbox #marshall #vox #fender #JHE #tonebender

Colordriver in Swirl Finish Tru-Fi

Tru-Fi Pedals : the swirl finish is just like candy, this one left today and had such a incredible swirl to it. We are building like Santa's Workshop, do they look cool or what. GET THE FUZZ !!! www.tru-fi.com

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Tru-Fi Makes it to That Pedal Show

Tru-Fi Makes it to That Pedal Show - We can not believe Tru-Fi Colordriver made it to "That Pedal Show" it showed up on their instagram page today ! Click To Go Just can not believe it, they are doing a show on Colorsound Overdriver's, do not know if they liked it but honored. They are [...]

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