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Barber Pedals NEW PRICES!


Musictoyz.com - Barber pedals a 20 year veteran of making high quality pedals just created a new price point on all his pedals, and you can not get better value for tone ! Tone Press, Gain Changer, BUSS, Exacta and the legendary Direct Drive are all at new price points. SAME PEDAL just less money WIN WIN ! CLICK TO GOTO 

JAM Pedals Shipment In Route !

JAM Pedals Shipment In Route ! - We have shipment of the wonderful handpainted JAM pedals from Greece. The updated Retrovibe V2, the Muck V2, the Tubescreamer Lucy, the Fuzz Phrase guitar pedal of tone. The sound of JAM pedal is pure tone and the graphics are so incredible and well done it is all [...]

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The First Recorded Fuzz Guitar Tone

1960 : Marty Robbins releases "Don't Worry" in 1960/61 and is widely thought to be the first recorded and released fuzztone. A down home country tune till about 1:27 in the video and your hear a very distant Fuzztone for the lead. Some Sanford Clark another country rocker was also using Fuzztones on "Go Home" [...]

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