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Barber is BACK !


Barber is BACK ! - David Barber was one of the original 8 boutique pedal builder in the late 90s, and for 15 years he was kickin ass and building the best pedals on the planet. A few years ago, Dave slowed it down a bit, still building but doing other things as well. Well I talked to Dave last week, he has not one but two new pedals and he is pumped. He is excited, he cranky out great product plus he classic Tone Press, Gain Changer and Direct Drive. 

The BUSS pedal is pretty cool, it ties in the Burn Unit which was one of my favs of ALL TIME and the SS into one pedal. Just two pedal in one giving you tone options out the ying yang. Barber Electronics build quality is second to known and this pedal is killer. The Exacta is a Fuzz pedal and is just pure bad ass, retro, vintage, modern, throw all these names around. It's a killer tight fuzz that dialed in will give you tone for days. Click To Go To Pedals 

Flash Sale for 12 Hours

Flash Sale for 12 Hours - For the next 12 hours the MXR Shin-Juku Guitar pedal is in a flash sale. WHY ? Well we sold ton's of these before they gave them to the big box guys, now we have 7 left sitting here. They only made 2000 of them, but we won't them [...]

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