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1940 Guitar Pedals


Yes there actually was a guitar pedal before their was mass produced electric guitars how crazy is that ! Before the Fender Stratocaster, Les Paul, Broadcaster there was the DeArmond Trem Troll 800 that was released as early as 1946 but most facts put it as released 1948. The way it worked it sent the signal from the guitar through an electrostatic fluid (Mercury) that was moving in a motorized cylinder, there by cutting off and delaying the signal. From this the first Tremolo was invented and produced for electric guitar, even the accordion ! But in another 5 years Electric Guitar production and amp's caught up to the Tremolo pedal, and soon that they would be in every Fender Amp past the Champ and Deluxe model. The Fender amp tremolo was an electric tube circuit with no mechanical movement like the DeArmond. 

Here is the first picture of the DeArmond Trem Troll 800 tremolo pedal you see the control unit, that had the fluid in it and the control. The second picture shows the whole unit with the controller pedal as is also seen in the video below



JHS Pedals Pink Panther Delay

JHS Pedals Pink Panther Delay - JHS on Monday released the return of the Pink Panther delay pedal and a smaller format but with even more delay echo power. It's a full one second of delay in the small little bad boy, with the highly desired tap tempo. This is great to set or re-adjust [...]

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What Is Guitar Tone ?

What Is Guitar Tone ? Guitar Tone is so many different things to so many people. A few things it is not is small, bright, harsh, overly distorted, muddy, and nondistinct. Guitar tone of the god is when out guitar, amp, pedals and most important our fingers mix into a beautiful distinct sound of the highest [...]

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Are We Playing The Pedals Or Are The Pedals Playing Us ?

Are We Playing The Pedals Or Are The Pedals Playing Us ? - Over the years I have seen comments on the internet "Ohh I don't use pedals" - "Ohhh I just need that one special pedal and I will find that tone" - "Ohhh I just love new pedals" - "Ohhh he suck's he uses [...]

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Gun to your Head -

Gun to your Head - Ok let's get this straight right off the bat, we are not condoning violence, or guns it's a figure of speech. Also since it seems 90% of TV shows are about violence and shooting people take that for what it's worth. But let's do a quick survey, gun to your [...]

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Skreddy Guitar Pedals BAMM !

Skreddy Guitar Pedals BAMM ! - Skreddy Pedals rolled back into stock this week, including the Hybrid Fuzz Driver pedal that just creates the nicest "brown sound" amp like tones, the Lunar Module Fuzz just fat and rich and 3d, the Screwdriver Mini Fuzz which is just so dynamic and touch sensitive for a fuzz [...]

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FuzzHugger Pedals

FuzzHugger Pedals - Algae Bloom, Velcrobot, and Sonic Bloom pedals are all unique and wonderful creations made by hand in the USA. Very unique creations of fuzz and disorder that are not your normal Boss style safe guitar pedal. These push the sonic limits of your mind ! 

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GFI Systems Clockworks Delay and Specular Reverb

GFI Systems Clockworks Delay and Specular Reverb - just incredible pedals in the time domain that really have all the tweaking and tone you could ask for. These time bandits from GFI systems are very well thought out and handle and showcase a variety of historical time sounds. 3 head, 4 head, LoFi, ambient delay [...]

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PettyJohn Fuze Guitar Pedal

PettyJohn Fuze Guitar Pedal - The Fuze pedal released by PettyJohn one of the finest builders of guitar effects in the world right now. Is a blend of Fuzz and Distortion that creates an organic guitar tone of a screaming tube amp, which is much harder to do than it sound's. The Fuze provides one with [...]

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FoxRox Electronics Paradox Flanger and The Festival Overdrive Guitar pedal

FoxRox Electronics Paradox Flanger and The Festival Overdrive Guitar pedal - Foxrox has shipped us more Paradox TZF2 flangers which are a update on the legendary Paradox TZF pedal which was just very hard to get but so tone full. But now TZF2 is even better and available ! More feature than any flanger on [...]

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