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Reignwolf One Man Fuzz Octave Machine


Reignwolf One Man Fuzz Octave Machine - Jordan Cook the brains behind Reignwolf is just a very incredible talent in the lo-fi blues rock ala white stripes, black keys, black pistol fire, radio moscow etc. This cat takes it one step further of breaking it all done when he performs in the one man band format. Great songs, great vocals, great fuzz octave player, and watch the clip when he jumps on drums. It all just becomes a cesspool of raw guitar based r-n-r energy with fuzz distortion words and beats. It should be noted Reignwold is NOT just based in the blues but also push's the format into the emo abyss and straight ahead stoner rock. Love this guy, and also he does do a traditional trio format as well for more fuller standard pycho r-n-r.