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JHS Andy Timmon Version 2


JHS Andy Timmon Version 2 - Andy Timmons is just one of my all time favorite guitar players, chops and tone usually are enough. But Andy has that special sauce that put's him ahead of so many great players. The JHS Andy Timmons Version 2 overdrive distortion pedal is just that the special sauce. Just killer tone in a single pedal that just makes you want to play and play and play. High Overdrive that just makes your guitar sing with tone joy !

In 2016 we brought you the AT, Andy Timmons artist signature pedal and we're really proud to bring you the next iteration of this phenomenal stomp box, The AT+. The JHS Pedals AT is Andy Timmons signature overdrive pedal that gives Andy his unmistakable lead and rhythm tone. Upon purchasing a JHS Angry Charlie in 2013, Andy began using it as his primary tone and soon after got in touch with Josh Scott about modifying it for his needs. Through going back and forth and tailoring it to Andy’s tastes, the “@“ was born and eventually released into production in 2016. This pedal gives you all the soaring overdrive and distortion that you hear from Andy with plenty of options to craft your tone with your rig. So pay ATtention and we’ll see what makes the AT rock.

JHS VCR, The Milkman and The Calhoun V2 Guitar Pedals

JHS VCR, The Milkman and The Calhoun V2 Guitar Pedals JHS has shipped 3 wonderful pedals that are multi purpose in their use and tone. The VCR a Ryan Adams aided design has reverb, chorus, and volume boost in one. The box can just push you into all the 80s alternative sounds you can think of [...]

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