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PettyJohn Gold Overdrive Guitar Pedal


PettyJohn lets be honest they make some of the highest grade pedals for tone in the business. The Gold the British plus overdrive is back in stock the first batch sold out in 2 days. If you want on of these wonderful tone machines you better jump http://www.musictoyz.com/pettyjohn-electronics/

PettyJohn PreDrive Studio Guitar Pedal

PettyJohn PreDrive Studio Guitar Pedal - PettyJohn re-released it PreDrive Studio pedal which has a blurry line between studio pre-amp and guitar pedal. I think the possibility of going right from guitar to PA or ProTools is pretty incredible. Powered by two Studio Grade Discrete Opamps, the PreDrive Studio builds on the original PreDrive and LIFT [...]

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PettyJohn Fuze Guitar Pedal

PettyJohn Fuze Guitar Pedal - The Fuze pedal released by PettyJohn one of the finest builders of guitar effects in the world right now. Is a blend of Fuzz and Distortion that creates an organic guitar tone of a screaming tube amp, which is much harder to do than it sound's. The Fuze provides one with [...]

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