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Source Audio Nemesis and Ventris Reverb and Delay Pedals


Source Audio Nemesis and Ventris Reverb and Delay Pedals - Source Audio is really a small company that make HUGE TONEFUL guitar pedals. I just love the Nemesis and Ventris pedals, they just are so toneful and clean for reverb and delay respectfully. The Nemesis fills all the details you need for delay with long and short echo's in 24 different classic echo types. Analog, Tape, Reverse etc their all there for you to use at the spin of a dial, all in tap tempo if need be. The Ventris reverb is a dual processor engine that provides such depth and wonderful space that these reverbs are hypnotic landscapes of tone for your guitar platform. Source Audio just killer products from a small big company ! Goto Products 

PettyJohn Gold Overdrive Guitar Pedal

PettyJohn lets be honest they make some of the highest grade pedals for tone in the business. The Gold the British plus overdrive is back in stock the first batch sold out in 2 days. If you want on of these wonderful tone machines you better jump http://www.musictoyz.com/pettyjohn-electronics/

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XTS Custom Pedals are HERE !

XTS Custom Pedals are HERE ! - Musictoyz.com has been trying for years to get XTS pedals from Nashville and we finally pulled it off. They make some incredible handmade guitar pedals in the transparent overdrive, boost, and fuzz departments. The Imperial Overdrive and Winford Overdrive just have such richness and transparency you would think [...]

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Tru-Fi Colordriver in Chrome

Tru-Fi pedals has been building a ton of Colordriver's this week but this one in polished aluminum is just killer. It's a take off of the Colorsound Power Driver and or Overdriver and was used by Jeff Beck and David Gilmour. This guitar fuzz pedal's have GREAT tone and look amazing retro vintage cool. 

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Mid-Fi Electronics Magick "I" Guitar Pedal

Mid-Fi Electronics Magick "I" Guitar Pedal Doug Deeper the insane owner, builder, developer, artist, musician, guitar player just all around crazy man has come out with a very unique overdrive guitar pedal. The Magick "I" more like the Pulsing LED Eye that is, but we don't care what it is this thing just has great tone. [...]

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Rockett Pedals or J Rockett Audio Design !

Rockett Pedals or J Rockett Audio Design ! - Their Back all the J Rockett Pedals be in the Allan Holdsworth, who just recently passed away very sadly. but the name sake pedal has a mild overdrive and wonderful boost section that makes this just a guitar tone generator. But the big one is the J. [...]

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What Is Guitar Tone ?

What Is Guitar Tone ? Guitar Tone is so many different things to so many people. A few things it is not is small, bright, harsh, overly distorted, muddy, and nondistinct. Guitar tone of the god is when out guitar, amp, pedals and most important our fingers mix into a beautiful distinct sound of the highest [...]

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