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MXR Sugar Drive the pedal you will love


MXR Sugar Drive the pedal you will love - The new MXR Sugar Drive might be a pedal you leave on all the time. I could actually see having 2 or 3 on a board one as a clean one as mild overdrive one as a hard overdrive that is good and small and affordable this pedal is ! Could there be a better little tone monster than the MXR Sugar Drive we do not think so. If you like your guitar tone already, then you're going to love it with the MXR M294 Sugar Drive overdrive pedal. You'll enjoy more focused lows and mids, with a top end that's simply sweet. Use it as a clean boost, or turn up the gain for smooth, harmonically rich overdrive. The Sugar Drive offers switchable buffered/true bypass modes, allowing you to choose whichever is best for your pedalboard layout. And its generous headroom allows the dynamics of your playing to really come through. Before you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a rare boutique drive pedal, guitarists at Musictoyz.com definitely recommend checking out the MXR M294 Sugar Drive.