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​Zvex Vertical Box of Rock and '59 Sound


Zvex Vertical Box of Rock and '59 Sound - Zvex has now embraced the Vertical series of pedals which make these unique and wonderful tone tools even more usable for your pedal board! There is now no excuse for not putting a Zvex fuzz, overdrive or mild overdrive pedal on your board because the layout is now brilliant. This Box of Rock™ simulates Zachary’s favorite amp turned up all the way, a 1966 Marshall® JTM45. The tone control adjusts brightness and there’s a high-headroom low-noise boost.ZVEX Effects proudly introduces the newest member to our line, the ’59 Sound. It’s based on the legendary 1959 Tweed Fender Bassman. The ’59 Sound captures the essence of that magical amplifier.

Zvex Vertical Fuzz Factory SHIPPING

Zvex Vertical Fuzz Factory SHIPPING - The Zvex Fuzz Factory is one of the original boutique guitar pedals ever made, I remember seeing them at Guitar shows in the mid to early 1990s. Very cool, very unqiue, the enclosure was hand painted but the layout though unique was hard to use as pedalboards became more [...]

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ZVex Fat Fuzz Factory

Fat Bottomed Fuzz! You make the rockin’ world go round! The Fuzz Factory from ZVex flipped the fuzz world on its head, and now they have taken it further! With a new sub switch, your fuzz factory opens up a whole new realm of bottom end that brings your guitar, and even bass, into some uncharted [...]

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