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Wah and Fuzz Pedal Play Nice ?


Wah and Fuzz Pedal Play Nice ? - Since the beginning of PF time, that is Post Fuzz there has always been debate of what goes first the Wah or the Fuzz ? Well you can always try anything you like, as that is the spirit of music to experiment. But for some basic things of impedance matching and not wanting to fuzz your Wah pedal. It has been a general rule that the Wah will come first in the chain. If the Fuzz was to go first it's natural low impedance will suck tone, create crackle, noise and just kinda sound like shit. 

There for you Wah Wah pedal will start off your chain and then plug your gain monsters in second. This will give you the best chance for tonal nirvana, even though this is still open for debate. The output impedance of your wah and the input impedance of your fuzz don’t get along together. They form a feedback network together, and at a certain audible frequency feed it back and amplify it through the fuzz until it reaches a peak value. You have just made an oscillator, and in fact it is usually tunable by changing the position of your wah? 

Another way to tame the wah fuzz beast is to put a buffer pedal between the too. Some will say this will color your sound, I say BS, it will change the sound but it will change it to the CORRECT tone ! No more cruncy, scratchy, oscilating feedback noise. Try It !