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Xotic LIMITED BB Pre-Amp Andy Timmons Model !!


Xotic LIMITED BB Pre-Amp Andy Timmons Model !! - I love Andy Timmons to me he is one of the most gifted guitar players in the world. He can shred, he can lay back, he plays great melody lines, he is a great songwritter, just has chops out the wazoo. He has teamed up with Xotic again with the Andy Timmons BB Pre Amp, this is a limited 3000 pedal run in red.

Internationally acclaimed guitarist Andy Timmons has been using the BB Preamp since it was first introduced to the market in 2002. It has been a mainstay on his pedalboard and part of his signature sound for many years.

Xotic Effects combines forces with Andy Timmons to release a limited run of 3000 signature series pedals that includes an Andy Timmons guitar pick and trial link to Andy’s new website, guitarxperience.net, where users can get lessons, tips and behind the scenes access to all things Andy Timmons! GOTO PEDAL