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-David Barber started Barber Electronics in the late 90s as his passion for pure guitar tone left him desiring more. So he started designing guitar pedals himself and his early builds such as the Tone Pump and Burn Unit are legendary in the overdrive and distortion guitar pedal world. His present pedals such as the Direct Drive, Gain Changer, Tone Press, and Small Fry have made Barber Electronics a standard in guitar pedal tone. If it says Barber it says quality, made in the USA and guitar tone to die for.


  • Barber Gain Changer SR Guitar Pedal
    Barber Gain Changer SR Guitar Pedal
    LAST ONE FOR A WHILE IT IS BEIGE  The new Gain Changer SR model improves warmth, clarity and note separation. Measuring only 2.3” wide, the NEW Barber Gain-Changer SR harnesses a vast spectrum of EQ...