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Beetronics Swarm is HERE and SHIPPING


Beetronics Swarm is HERE and SHIPPING - If you want something different that is aggressive,  toneful, different and exciting then the SWARM is for you. It has been pre-order for weeks and now is here and shipping GET THEM NOW ! The Swarm is an Analog Fuzz Harmonizer that sounds like a thousand killer bees coming to get you! It basically turns your input signal into a square wave, than multiplies and divides the frequency of that wave, giving you nine possible harmonies in two different octaves. Modulation is applied to the harmonies making them go from a nearly perfect tracking harmony, to a wild and uncontrollable swarm of mad bees. The WORKER sets the level of your input signal, now fuzzy and buzzy. The SPECIES allows you to select between 9 different intervals for your harmonies. The QUEEN and DRONE set the levels for each of the harmonies that stay one octave apart.