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Rainger FX Dr Freakstein Chop Fuzz


Rainger FX Dr Freakstein Chop Fuzz - totally unique fuzz with a electric chair switch that gives you a pulsing electronic fuzz shock. This is just an incredible fuzz pedal with standard and bizarre tones, please click and watch the video on the product page. Rainger FX from the UK makes some really interesting, and unique products that can NOT be matched. CLICK  TO GO

​MXR Clone Looper is HERE !

MXR Clone Looper is HERE ! - MXR has released their first looper and we must that it is really clever and easy to use. If you are looking for a looper to practice or to add parts to live setting the MXR Clone Looper is really priced right and very cool 

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The First Recorded Fuzz Guitar Tone

1960 : Marty Robbins releases "Don't Worry" in 1960/61 and is widely thought to be the first recorded and released fuzztone. A down home country tune till about 1:27 in the video and your hear a very distant Fuzztone for the lead. Some Sanford Clark another country rocker was also using Fuzztones on "Go Home" [...]

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