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Way Huge Swollen Pickle Smalls IN STOCK


Way Huge Swollen Pickle Smalls IN STOCK  - Way Huge Swollen Pickle is a legendary pedal and now you can squeeze it onto a crowded pedalboard with the smalls version. Maybe you want a travel guitar pedalboard with only 2 or 3 pedals and now you can get all the great tone of Way Huge in a smaller package. Smalls version is small just as it states . WAY HUGE it is WAY TONEFUL Goto 

The Return of Pete Cornish Pedals

The Return of Pete Cornish Pedals - Pete Cornish a legendary pedal, cable and pedalboard builder for almost 50 years is back. First batch we went with the battery free pedals, which are small for todays powered pedalboards. There is no doubt of the quality, and tone these are epic pedals of the highest order. As [...]

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Return of the Barber Tone Press

Return of the Barber Tone Press - Dave Barber created one of the first parallel compressor guitar pedal that was affordable over 10 years. First it was full size, and then he came out with the present day smaller version which is and was VERY popular. About 4 months ago, Barber had a part discontinued [...]

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Jimi Hendrix at a party ?

Musictoyz.com : Jimi with a party goer, the caption is funny which I got from a friend of mine. This was when Rock was young, innocent and fun. Hey THANK YOU for all your orders, - http://www.musictoyz.com

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Seymour Duncan Antiquity

Musictoyz.com : Huge shipment of Seymour Duncan pickups including Antiquity Humbuckers and Tele pickups. You want tone maybe time to upgrade your pickups ! If your do not have the foundation of tone from the guitar, well you will always be chasing your tail. You need set the chain up first with clean solid tone [...]

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Durham Crazy Horse Pedal

Musictoyz.com : Durham Crazy Horse Pedal are back stock, they sell out everytime. If your like me and loved Crazy Horse the band for it's raw energy and nasty guitar sounds this is it in a box. KILLER wait Cortez the Killer www.musictoyz.com #neilyoung #durhamelectronics #crazyhorse #fuzzpedals #distortion #guitarist

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