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Seymour Duncan Pickup shipment


Musictoyz.com : Just got a shipment of @seymourduncanpickups and updating a Nash Les Paul with Antiquities for a more vintage tone. We sell a ton of Seymour still one of the best choices for price and tone. The Antiquiity line is especially interesting because they are producing pickups that people pay 10s of thousands of dollars for in vintage guitars and you can get them for much less money. Its tone, and it all starts with fingers, string, pickups and body - the ruiles of guitar tone. Click To Go

Seymour Duncan Antiquity

Musictoyz.com : Huge shipment of Seymour Duncan pickups including Antiquity Humbuckers and Tele pickups. You want tone maybe time to upgrade your pickups ! If your do not have the foundation of tone from the guitar, well you will always be chasing your tail. You need set the chain up first with clean solid tone [...]

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