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Fulltone GE-OCD 2nd Shipment ORDER NOW !


Fulltone GE-OCD 2nd Shipment ORDER NOW ! - The first shipment sold out in 10 mins, they arrived today and are off to their tone homes ! We have more in route to us right now, if you want one do NOT wait they will be gone shortly ! Very excited to be getting some of the GE-OCD pedals from Fulltone that are just insanely popular right now. OCD with a few more tricks, and tone for days as all Fulltone pedals are. Get them while you can this is a small shipment and they will be gone ! CLICK TO GO 

Dr. Scientist Atmosphere Reverb Pedal

Dr. Scientist Atmosphere Reverb Pedal : We have a fresh batch of Dr Scientist Atmosphere pedals that is just so advanced and unique it is beyond this small review. They are a tweaker's heaven, with reverb programmability out the ying yang for all your spacial needs. Standard Reverbs, and experimental with ton's of parameters and [...]

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