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Fulltone GE-OCD 2nd Shipment ORDER NOW !


Fulltone GE-OCD 2nd Shipment ORDER NOW ! - The first shipment sold out in 10 mins, they arrived today and are off to their tone homes ! We have more in route to us right now, if you want one do NOT wait they will be gone shortly ! Very excited to be getting some of the GE-OCD pedals from Fulltone that are just insanely popular right now. OCD with a few more tricks, and tone for days as all Fulltone pedals are. Get them while you can this is a small shipment and they will be gone ! CLICK TO GO 

What is Distortion Tone

What is Distortion Tone - Distortion Guitar Pedal tone is basically a more aggressive tone to Overdriven Guitar Tone which simulates a Overdriven amp. If you took a Marshall in 1975 and turned it up you would get the sound of Overdrive from driven tubes. Great classic rock sound, classic tone that has been emulated [...]

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JHS Andy Timmon Version 2

JHS Andy Timmon Version 2 - Andy Timmons is just one of my all time favorite guitar players, chops and tone usually are enough. But Andy has that special sauce that put's him ahead of so many great players. The JHS Andy Timmons Version 2 overdrive distortion pedal is just that the special sauce. Just killer [...]

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Tru-Fi Pedals Zosa and Supa Fuzz Guitar Pedal

Tru-Fi Pedals Zosa and Supa Fuzz Guitar Pedal - 5 years of working on these and they are finally underway. Tonebender and Marshall Supa Fuzz which is just a mild tweak of the Vox Tonebender that was produced in 1966 and used by Jimmy Page, Beck, Hendrix, you name a player and they used a [...]

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