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Bugg FX

Bugg FX builds this delay called Daydream, a customer came in with this pedal on his board. I freaked out !!! It was the coolest thing I had heard in a very long time ! BuGGFX is a small guitar effects pedal operation run by Robert Bird in Leesburg, Georgia. Every pedal is designed, assembled, and shipped by me. Any problems that may arise are almost certainly my fault, there is no chain of command to pass the blame on to.

Mr Bird started this as a hobby because he enjoys designing and building pedals, and not because he wanted to get rich quick selling mass produced garbage. 

  • BuggFX Daydream Delay Guitar Pedal
    BuggFX Daydream Delay Guitar Pedal
    The Daydream is just a wonderful beautiful trippy Floydish delay of the highest manner. I LOVE THIS PEDAL !! You can just play for hours by yourself and make beautiful music. The BuGGFX Daydream is a unique...