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Dr Scientist Pedals

Dr. Scientist pedals from Canada are just well crafted, tonal and most important so versatile in beautiful guitar tones. These are just one hit wonder boxs, there are many we mean many sounds and tones in each of these wonderful stompboxs

  • Dr. Scientist BitQuest Guitar Delay, Octave, Bit Crunch pedal
    Dr. Scientist BitQuest Guitar Delay, Octave, Bit Crunch pedal
    Powerful guitar delay pedal, to noise boy bit crusher to mash things up. Put a octave in there and your just in the midst Dr Scientists mad world, is it tone or is it random energy from a nucleur reactor you decide. One...
  • Dr Scientist The Elements
    Dr Scientist The Elements
    The model now shipping is brown...black is no longer made. The Elements starts with the Cleanness, a simple op amp buffer and booster with active tone controls for bass, mids, and treble. A few things were added to this...
  • Dr Scientist Atmospher Guitar Pedal
    Dr Scientist Atmospher Guitar Pedal
    The Atmosphere The Atmosphere is a compact multi-mode Reverberator containing 16 high quality, custom DSP reverb algorithms. These include classic favourites like Spring, Hall, Plate, as well as more experimental sounds...
  • Dr Scientist Mini Reverberator
    Dr Scientist Mini Reverberator
    The pedals we presently have in stock are the pyymaid tan version....the blue version is no longer made Earth. The dawn of mankind. 10 trillion years ago. Cavemen... pterodactyls... unicorns. What did they have for sound...