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Durham Electronics

  • Durham Mucho Boosto Guitar Pedal
    Durham Mucho Boosto Guitar Pedal
    Durham Mucho Boosto Overdrive Guitar Pedal  The Mucho Boosto was based on Durham Electronics infamous Sex Drive circuit, but that’s where the similarity ends.  The Mucho Boosto was designed to have more gain...
  • Durham Sex Drive
    Durham Sex Drive
    "I designed the SEX DRIVE pedal to fulfill the very particular needs of good friend Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan, ARC Angels, David Bowie, Grammy winning producer, all around musician). The goal was to build a...
  • Durham Zia Drive
    Durham Zia Drive
    The Durham Electronics Zia Drive is designed to give low compression overdrive perfect for the rhythm player.  The Zia Drive makes a 6l6 amp sound like EL84’s.  Tight and chimey, the Durham Electronics Zia...
  • Durham Crazy Horse
    Durham Crazy Horse
    The Durham Electronics Crazy Horse Fuzz pedal, while inspired by a classic tone, the Crazy Horse is very versatile pedal with a ton of different tones available.  The Crazy Horse features Fuzz and Drive controls to mix...