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EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Master General Guitar Pedal

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Before there was Boss, there was Roland. And before there was Roland, there was Ace Tone. EarthQuaker Devices asks you to step into a time machine, with destination set to “pre-Roland.”

Back then, in Japan, a new fuzz sound was emerging: the burly octave fuzz. Several companies had one; Ibanez, Shin-Ei, Kay and others. One of them, however, demands mention, as it’s the burliest of them all: the Ace Tone FM-2.

The folks at EarthQuaker Devices have released the Fuzz Master General, its take on the Burly Ace Tone FM-2. Intact are all the octave-up overtones, the massive woolly chordal sounds and nearly-out-of-control lead tones that made the original so awesome. Play up on the neck, and you’ll hear some interesting ring-modulated tones—and that’s only one mode.

That’s right, there’s a three-way toggle switch for three distinctive fuzz sounds. The original had two, accessible via a footswitch. The Fuzz Master General laughs in the face of two modes. The third mode is the most ring-modulated of all, and is a super-unique dirt sound that will expand your mind as much as your tone.

EarthQuaker Devices Fuzz Master General Features

  • Hand-made in the subterranean village of Akron, OH
  • Three distinct fuzz voices
  • Gnarly octave-up overtones
  • True bypass
  • Standard 9v center-negative power adapter, low current draw​

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