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Fulltone Fulldrive 3 Black

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NEW! Fulldrive 3

The Fulldrive-2 has been a huge success over the years…with 150,000 sold over the last 20 years. It's still on many Pro's pedalboards, now $149 MSRP / $120 street, and it’s not going ANYWHERE! But over the years people have asked: "Please offer a footswitchable independent Clean-Boost channel" as opposed to the FD2’s footswitchable “Distortion Boost” function. So the Custom Shop "20th anniversary FD3" was born..5000 pcs. built and SOLD OUT in 8 months.

Introducing the new Fulltone Fulldrive 3

N.O.S. JRC4558D chip.

Fulltone-exclusive “Order switch” which places the Boost channel either before or after the Overdrive section of the circuit: After takes whatever sound you have set and increases the Volume so you pop out of the mix. Before pounds the input of the Overdrive channel and increases the distortion, there's not a substantial increase in volume...which is more like the FD2.

Three switchable Clipping Modes
"90's" original 90's warm FD2-like voicing. Transparent? NOT! Think Mids, rich Mids, Color, beautiful color. You want transparent? You got the wrong mode.

"Wide Asym"...that's Wide Asymmetrical, for a beautiful, chimey, more open sound.
even more asymmetrical than the FD2,

“Comp-Cut” mode: This mode removes all diode clipping from the JRC4558 opamp, giving it a somewhat clean-boost feature or an aggressive opamp clipping sound on higher “Overdrive” settings. Identical to the FD2.

Completely independent, discrete JFET Clean Boost channel that can be used by itself! This channel has its own Volume control and a unique mini-knob controlling Germanium Diode "Limiter" function that has to be felt to be really appreciated! Clockwise on this knob takes out the strident, irritating spikes that occur with other clean boosts when you hit the strings hard....absolutely gorgeous feature destined to be a classic. This Boost circuit does not invert the signal like most clean-boosts and can be used with or without the overdrive section of the pedal.

The Icing on the cake? The housing is about 20% smaller than the traditional Fulldrive2

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  1. Love it 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Nov 2015

    The Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet was a mainstay on my board for a LONG time. Great overdrive voicing for rock n roll guitar. Only problem was the BOOST side of the pedal added more grit to the OD, but not much more volume and couldn't be used as a stand alone Boost. Enter the Fulldrive 3, with a great OD and a better Boost. It's a little darker voicing than the FD2, but the Tone knob has good range so you can brighten things up if needed. The Boost is great, can be used before OR after the OD. So you can make your overdriven sound louder (Boost after) or make your overdriven solos really sing (Boost before).The Boost by itself without the OD is useful too, adds a nice shimmer without changing the voice of your guitar too much. The Boost is available in a standalone pedal too, called the 2B, worth checking out if you already have an OD you like but need a boost.

  2. Great upgrade to the Fulldrive 2, if a little different. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Aug 2014

    I bought this mainly because I wanted something to replace my Fulldrive 2 that took up less space on my pedal board. I ended up being pleasantly suprised at the versatility compared to the FD2.

    The 90s mode is most like the FD2, saturated with mids. The FD3 is more modern sounding though, with more bass, the FD2 more vintage and warmer. The comp-cut mode is more usable on the FD3, more open and less midrange honk than the FD2, and might even replace my Zendrive for a touch sensitive overdrive. The asym mode makes this pedal even more versatile. It still sounds like a Fulldrive, but more alternative. Finally the boost can add a lot of volume, and the dynamics control adds even more to the range of tones achievable. However even with the boost before the overdrive, it seemed to add more volume boost than overdrive compared to the FD2.

    This is the best overdrive pedal I've owned, and for me a worthwhile upgrade to the FD2. I'd understand someone wanting to keep the FD2 though for the more vintage sound. I've never tried an FD2 MOSFET, so I don't know how the FD3 compares to that. The only overdrive I can think of that's more versatile is the EarthQuake Devices Palisades, and that thing looks crazily complicated!