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Greenhouse Effects

  • Greenhouse Deity Reverb Guitar Pedal
    Greenhouse Deity Reverb Guitar Pedal
    The Deity is an immersive reverb with a carefully selected palette of other secondary fx and features that extend a strong foundational reverb tone to new perspectives of creativity. Greenhouse has produced a incredible...
  • Greenhouse Effects Roadkiller
    Greenhouse Effects Roadkiller
    The Roadkiller is designed to give you outstanding guitar toneon any setup in any occasion. Built from the ground up, the Roadkillerhas cascaded FET gain stages, finely tuned to deliver the thick andcomplex sound and feel of...
  • Greenhouse Effects Goldrive Overdrive
    Greenhouse Effects Goldrive Overdrive
    A highly dynamic,transparent and natural sounding overdrive. With lots of headroom to push a tube amp the proper way. Enhances playing dynamics and works very well with other pedals . The Gold knob ads sparkle and punch to...