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Klon KTR

The Klon is a legendary pedal created by William Finnegan that has been copied but NEVER duplicated. We are talking a unique transparent boost overdrive guitar tone in a pedal of the highest order. This guitar pedal is one that just makes guitar amps shine. Some guys just leave it on all the time, others use 2 or 3 in different settings for performance. Bill is an incredible builder with a sence of perfection that is almost to a fault. Don't buy a Klon Clone get the real deal, you will never be sorry you purchase the origina Klon tone machine !   

  • The Official Klon Ktr Professional Overdrive Pedal
    The Official Klon Ktr Professional Overdrive Pedal
    THANK YOU GUYS ! NO MORE THAN ONE TO A CUSTOMER THANK YOU !! THEY WILL BE ON THE ROAD May 10th Approx in the afternoon !!!!! We are an Authorized Klon Dealer and we sell ONLY NEW AND IN THE BOX UNITS !  The Klon is a...