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Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe Guitar Pedal

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The Mad Professor sweet Honey overdrive deluxe (SHOD DLX) is a touch sensitive, medium gain overdrive pedal designed to overdrive distorted amplifiers and give dynamically controlled low to medium gain tones with clean amplifiers.

The Sweet Honey is a overdrive that you almost will want to leave on ALL THE TIME. It just push's your amp enough that is sounds huge, very reminiscent of the loudness button on your stereo decades ago. TONE galore ! 

Our unique focus control allows you to adjust the feel and dynamics of the pedal as well as the overall EQ.
Distortion levels are controlled by pick attack. Pick harder for more overdrive and play softer for cleaner tone. the SHOD DLX provides more versatility than the classic sweet Honey overdrive due to the added functionality of the new controls. Both the SHOD and SHOD DLX are designed to work with all kinds of guitars and amplifiers.

Product Videos

Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe video by Marko Karhu (03:03)
Mad Professor took their best selling pedal and made it even better. The new Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe has two extra tone knobs for Bass and Treble next to the classic Focus knob that is on the classic Sweet Honey Overdrive. Sami Sallinen: Bass and mix. Kai Jokiaho: Drums https://www.youtube.com/user/KaitsuDrums Marko Karhu: Guitar http://truefire.com/set_cart.html?add=14365&src=artist • Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe: http://www.mpamp.com/sweet-honey-overdrive-deluxe/ Now you can get more bass, more treble and more overdrive out of the Sweet Honey Overdrive. Making it an even more versatile pedal than ever! Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe has a wider range on Focus giving more control over upper mid emphasis and also more bass and low midrange. The pre-distortion Bass control helps to control how the low midrange is distorted. The new boost/cut Treble control adds even more versatility to control the tone. With wider bandwidth, upgraded ability to control the tone and what register distorts makes the Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe a new classic. Sweet touch sensitive, dynamic tones from very mild break up to medium overdrive/distortion. May the tone be with you. • Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MadProfessorAmplification • Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madprofessoramp/ • Read more about Mad Professor at: http://www.mpamp.com/
  • Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Deluxe video by Marko Karhu
    Mad Professor took their best selling pedal and made it even b...

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