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Diamond Pedals

Diamond Pedals jumped onto the guitar pedal tone scene with the creaton of the Diamond Memory Lane that produced 660Ms delay with chorus vibey tape echo modulation. Hailed as a instant classic the company exploded in the modulation world with the release of Vibrato, Tremolo, Chorus, Phaser, and Compressor guitar pedals. The Diamond Pedal line is quality in build and tone, the Memory Lane is now in Version 2 and the Memory Lane Jr is for those who don't need modulation for their guitar tone.

  • Diamond Quantum Leap
    Diamond Quantum Leap
    The Diamond Quantum Leap offers an impressive assortment of unique  delay effects that make it a pedal unlike any other. In addition to as much as 600ms  of perfectly precise delay, the Quantum Leap features an...
  • Diamond Phaser
    Diamond Phaser
    The Diamond Phase is a versatile new selectable 2 / 6-stage JFET phaser with full control over depth, feedback regeneration and direct-to-phase signal mix level. Phase / vibe modes. Ultra-smooth sinusoidal LFO waveform...
    $299.00 $249.95
  • Diamond Halo Chorus
    Diamond Halo Chorus
    The Halo Chorus is a new combination delay/pitch modulation/phase modulation chorus design with autoconfigurable I/O for mono, mono in/stereo out, and stereo in/stereo out operation. Features: Parallel combination of...