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Origin Effects RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo Pedal

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The RevivalTREM is the first pedal to accurately recreate the power tube bias tremolo effect found in certain late-‘50s and early ‘60s guitar amps. Using the same groundbreaking circuitry found in the Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE, the RevivalTREM recreates the uniquely rich and dynamically responsive bias tremolo effect at circuit level, while also offering a range of stunning clean and overdriven amp tones voiced after the Brownface Deluxe.
While the RevivalTREM might be firmly rooted in real valve amp circuit behaviour, it also boasts a range of modern features, including switchable wave shapes and tap tempo with selectable rhythmic subdivisions. The external footswitch input, which enables remote tap tempo and tremolo on/off, is also directly compatible with effects switching systems like the Boss ES series. Meanwhile, the powerful Post-Drive EQ section, as seen on the RevivalDRIVE Compact, tailors the output of the pedal to suit the voicing of the amp you’re plugging into, as well as flat-response power amps, mixers and recording interfaces.


  • TREM footswitch – Switches the bias tremolo effect on and off. When TREM is turned on the jewel light will turn green and will pulse at the selected tremolo speed.
  • DRIVE – behaves like the Volume knob on a vintage non-master-volume guitar amplifier. Set low for clean sounds or turn it up for more overdrive.
  • TONE – Turn up for a brighter sound. Turn down to tame highs.
  • OUTPUT – overall pedal output level
  • SPEED – Turn up to increase the rate of the tremolo effect. The range of the SPEED control is set by the three-position MULTI switch.
  • MULTI – applies a preset multiplier to the speed of the tremolo, whether it is set by the pedal’s SPEED knob or by attaching an external tap tempo footswitch.
  • SHAPE – allows you to choose between two different LFO waveforms.
  • INTENSITY – controls the depth of the tremolo.
  • POST-DRIVE EQ – three presets allow quick compatibility when plugging into Blackface, Plexi, and flat-response amps. Fine-tune the top-end further with the ADJ trimmer.

Product Videos

Origin Effects RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo Pedal || Official Product Video (04:41)
Shop now: https://origineffects.com/product/revivaltrem-bias-tremolo/ The RevivalTREM is the first-ever pedal to faithfully recreate power tube bias tremolo, the sought-after effect found in a handful of classic amps from the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. More than just a tremolo pedal, the RevivalTREM also delivers a range of deliciously chewy and rich Brownface-style overdrive tones that interact with the bias tremolo effect just like the real thing. Available now from Origin Effects dealers worldwide and direct from www.origineffects.com • Unabridged valve amp-style signal path recreated in all-analogue electronics • True bias tremolo with switchable wave shapes • Authentic vintage amp tones voiced after the Brownface Deluxe • Powerful tone-shaping Post-Drive EQ • Footswitch input for tap tempo, remote tremolo on/off and effects switcher integration • High-current, low-noise electronics • Ultra-high input impedance • Silent switching • High-quality buffered bypass mode • Premium components throughout • Advanced power supply filtering and protection • PSU Spec. 120mA @ 9V, centre-negative (PSU not included) • Designed and built in England Subscribe for the latest in the world of Origin Effects. Thanks to Charlie Allen for the fantastic guitar playing.
  • Origin Effects RevivalTREM Bias Tremolo Pedal || Official Product Video
    Shop now: https://origineffects.com/product/revivaltrem-bias-t...

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