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Pettyjohn Electronics CRUSH Compressor Guitar Pedal

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Pettyjohn Electronics CRUSH Compressor

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When Pettyjohn puts its mind to something, the results are often spectacular. Such is the case with each pedal in the company’s line. It’s not just about great sound—it’s about thoughtful component choices and high-class engineering. The Crush it Pettyjohn’s entry into the world of compression, and the same design tenets hold true.

The heart of the Crush is a discrete VCA chip that was designed especially for the Pettyjohn Crush. Discrete chips are used throughout the bulk of studio gear, and are one reason that people prefer the sound of expensive studio pieces to pedal effects. And much like studio effects, the Crush features an incredibly high headroom due to its 12–18-volt operation for up to 36 volts of swing.

Three Ratio settings, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 for some light to heavy compression settings. This couples with the three-position Release setting and the Compression control, which dials in almost every flavor of compression you’ve heard, from sparkly studio gloss to heavy Nashville pump.

For players who want just a touch of compression, a clean mix control lets you blend the dry signal in with the compressed signal. This gives you a unique sounding compression when set for heavy squash with just a touch of compression mixed in, but it also helps to increase the compression while keeping your natural resonance and sustain intact.

A Tilt EQ control offers you a one-knob hi-fi sounding EQ with just one knob. It boosts and cuts frequencies centered at 750Hz, boosting lows and cutting highs turned left-of-center, and performing the opposite when turned right-of-center.

Pettyjohn Electronics CRUSH Features:


  • Custom-designed discrete VCA chip made specifically for the Crush
  • Three ratios available from 2:1 to 10:1
  • Clean mix and Tilt EQ controls help you tailor the compression to your liking
  • Made in USA
  • Standard 12–18v center-negative operation (adapter not included)

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