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PettyJohn Fuze Fuzz Distortion guitar pedal

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The Fuze provides one with something we all strive for in our guitar tone arsenal and that is the sound and tone of a cranked amp. Not easy to do without going deaf, but we still want that tone. The Fuze provides a mixture of guitar fuzz and distortion that provides that mixture of tone. 

The FUZE is a studio-grade Distortion/Fuzz pedal featuring two independent circuits, one for Distortion and one for Fuzz. Each circuit has been tailored with great care to provide excellent feel and musicality normally found in high wattage tube amps. Furthermore, each circuit can be blended together to create a vast array of essential high gain tones packed into our pedalboard friendly Foundry Series Format! As with all Foundry Series pedals, the FUZE is built with an audiophile approach and features wide range, super musical tone controls powered by high-end components normal not found in pedals. High headroom circuitry allows the FUZE to play nice with other pedals and it loves to stack on top of other lower-gain drive pedals. The FUZE is designed to be the ultimate high-gain Tool for Tone and you may never want to plug in without it again!


  • Two independent circuits running in parallel for huge gain range!
  • Gain 1: Gain knob control for the Distortion circuit offering a range of punchy tones
  • Gain 2: Mini-toggle with 3 gain settings for the Fuzz circuit, including NUKE!
  • Mix: Mix the distortion and fuzz circuits together with the Mix pot.
  • All the way left isolates the Fuzz circuit and all the way right isolates the Distortion circuit.
  • Lows Control: Wide-range sweep-able low cut filter allows for custom tailoring of the low end going into the drive engines. Go from full bass response to tight with a sweep range from 20hz to beyond 1Khz.
  • Highs Control: An audiophile approach to a High Cut Filter using a special audiophile cap never before found in pedals for a powerful, clear, defined harmonic content that fits perfect in the mix.
  • High Performance Power: Dual-rail power section with 9V to 18V operation range, providing 18V-36V of voltage swing for huge internal headroom while drawing around 50mA
  • Audiophile, Studio-Grade Performance in a Pedal:
    Burr Brown OPA audiophile grade Op-amps
    Audiophile grade, through-hole 1% Metal Film resistors
    Top Shelf WIMA and Silver Mica caps used in tone sensitive operations
    Auricap Audiophile High Cut tone cap
    Internally Direct Coupled stages when possible for purest signal path possible
    USA made PCB constructed with Audiophile Lead-free Silver Solder
    Extremely Low Noise
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Box and Circuit Handmade in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA

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  1. Pettyjohn Fuze 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Mar 2017

    I was excited to try this pedal as the demos and concept seemed quite promising. The build quality is very sturdy.

    The pedal sounds quite good and has overall a nice clarity. I was a little disappointed that the blend does not really give you that many varied tones. Most of the action happens in the 11-1 o'clock range. Still the fuzz side is super smooth as is the distortion side. The Low cut is great for focusing the circuit to your rig. I felt the High cut could have had more range. The gate on the high fuzz setting works quite well without being abrupt. There is also some bleed from the Fuzz circuit in the OD section even when the mix control is fully clockwise.

    When setting the Gain 1 control to minimum there is still some mild distortion and even when using as a clean boost with the Bass cut full up you lose some low end. This really reminded me of a Tube Screamer circuit so I compared with an old TS I had and it really sounds like a tweaked TS circuit which for me was a big let down. Running g the pedal at 18 volts cleans it up a bit but to me it still sounds like a Tube Screamer.

    The true /bypass has the most obnoxious loud POP which is really a turn off for me. I'm not a big fan of TB in general and think a new designed pedal should have a better bypass scheme than some old vintage effect. My Bogner Blue and Red pedals are both TB and are way more quiet when switching.

    I'm not sure what the fuzz circuit is based on but due to the lack of control on that side of the pedal (3 position switch) the pedal is being returned. I'll stick with my old Jetter Gain Stage Blue pedal for an OD/Fuzz circuit.

  2. Great tone shaping tool. Plays well with other pedals. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jan 2017

    My third Pettyjohn pedal, and I couldn't be happier! This pedal is a great tone shaping too, not just just another fuzz pedal(selling my old fuzz pedal). Unlike many distortion/fuzz pedals, the tone does not get muddy. I can hear all 6 strings playing at high fuzz/distortion levels or with just a little edge.I love the feature that you can blend fuzz and distortion to your needs.