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Phaser Pedals

Ever since guitarists started adding stompboxes to their arsenal, guitar pedals have progressively advanced the sonic abilities of the guitar. One of the most distinctive effects pedals availble is the phaser pedal. Phaser pedals are powerful tools for creating lush, swirling textures that are perfect for accenting crescendos and layering sweeping tones across your sound. Whether you are searching for shoegaze-inspired swirls or massive, sweeping intensity to the loudest moments of your playing, Music Toyz has a great selection of phaser pedals. Check out best-selling Blackout Effectors Whetstone Analog Phaser or the eternal workhorse that is the  Boss PH-3 Phaser as well as phaser pedals from popular effects companies such as ADA, MXR Pedals, and Skreddy Pedals. We carry plenty of boutique guitar pedals, so you can continuously experiment with your sound with phaser pedals from Music Toyz.

Since 1998, the single goal behind Music Toyz has been and continues to be to inspire musicians to play music. Our wide selection of phaser pedals will help you discover new possibilities with your sound and open new doors leading towards tonal nirvana.

After you’ve selected your new phaser pedal, check out our selection of pedalboards!

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  • MXR "I Love Dust" Phase 90 Phaser Guitar Effect Pedal
    MXR "I Love Dust" Phase 90 Phaser Guitar Effect Pedal
    LIMITED 1000 world-wide we will have NO MORE !  This limited edition of the classic Phase 90 comes decked out in the bold, brazen art of the award-winning UK-based design crüe ILOVEDUST. For more than four...
  • ZVex Vibraphrase
    ZVex Vibraphrase
    A few years ago ZVEX Effects released the Candela Vibrophase™, a candle-powered vibrato/phaser machined from solid brass and glass that used a mix of 1800s technology (a Sterling heat engine) and 60s/70s audio...
  • MXR M290 Phase 95 Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal
    MXR M290 Phase 95 Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal
    MXR M290 Phase 95 Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal MXR knows phasers. The Phase 90's compact size, superior construction, and refined sound put MXR on the map, and it set the standard by which all other phasers are judged...
  • Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine Phaser
    Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine Phaser
    Signature mid-70's phaser voicing, balancing clarity and definition with lushness and depth The elegant Little Miss Sunshine is a joy to behold—doubly so because the simplicity belies a deep sonic character...
  • ADA Pedal Preamp APP-1
    ADA Pedal Preamp APP-1
    The new A/DA APP-1 Pedal PreampTM is designed by David Tarnowski and is a no-compromise 2 channel low noise all analog preamp, and the first product to use his new patent-pending “D-TORSION” Core Technology to achieve...
  • Electro Harmonix Nano Small Stone
    Electro Harmonix Nano Small Stone
    The Nano Small Stone generates our traditional, thick, sweeping phase shifting with liquid transparency and tingling feedback control. Wonderful sound with this stone wonder! Housed in a compact, die-cast box with smooth...
  • Electro Harmonix Worm
    Electro Harmonix Worm
    Modulation madness! All-analog multi-effects processor featuring Phaser, Tremolo, Vibrato, and a Neo-modulated Wah. At the heart of The Worm is a specially designed tone-bending engine that creates groundbreaking oscillatory...
  • Tortuga Standard Issue Phaser
    Tortuga Standard Issue Phaser
    The Standard Issue Phaser™ is based on the classic Phase 90®. It’s been modified to have a bit more slosh with less of that nasally, upper midrange that you would usually associate with a phaser effect. It also has two...
  • Empress Phaser
    Empress Phaser
    Redefining the phaser effect from the ground up, Empress Effects has created a phaser unlike anything else on the market. Employing a unique VCA based design, the Empress Phaser offers unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio...

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