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Plush Fuchs Pedals

Plush pedals are the brainchild of Andy Fuchs of Fuchs amps. Plush was a music name from many years ago that was used to brand Fuchs pedal line. What a perfect tonal name Plush ! Overdrive, distortion, compression, boost and killer delay pedals are just what the brand says Plush ! Feature rich, built with quality in New Jersey USA, just awesome tone boutique pedals. The delay pedals are just incredible guitar tone machines.

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  • Fuchs Plush - The Plush Drive
    Fuchs Plush - The Plush Drive
    Just because you can't afford a boutique tube amp, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the chance to sound like you do! The Plush® Drive™ was designed for those who want the true tone, response and feel of boutique tube amps...
  • Fuchs Plush EP3 Tube Delay
    Fuchs Plush EP3 Tube Delay
    Plush FX Rep-3 Tube-Voiced Delay: The Plush FX REP-3 Tube-Voiced Delay delivers tape-like goodness and has the same attention to the audio and delay circuits as the Replay, and Replay Jr, but with a unique solid state audio...
  • Fuchs Plush Replay
    Fuchs Plush Replay
    Finally: A tube digital delay that sounds, feels and thinks it’s a tape delay! Andy’s objective was very simple: To create a delay that delivered the warmth and musicality of tape, without the hassles and costs of replacing...
  • Fuchs Plush Replay Jr.
    Fuchs Plush Replay Jr.
    Like the Replay, the Replay Jr delivers tape-like goodness and has the same audio and delay circuits as the Replay, in a more pedal board friendly package. Andy's objective was very simple: To create a series of delays that...
  • Fuchs Plush Verbrator
    Fuchs Plush Verbrator
    The Verbrator® is a new multipurpose pedal which combines an all-tube effects loop with a studio grade reverb featuring a 32-Khz clock speed for full 16-K audio bandwidth. The Verbrator® is our most innovative pedal...
  • Plush Cream
    Plush Cream
    The Tube Screamer might be the most popular and famous overdrive pedal ever made. Made popular by SRV and countless others, the TS-808 (and its derivatives) have become legendary. When we designed the Cream™, we sought to...
  • Plush Crème de la trem
    Plush Crème de la trem
    In a market filled with so many tremolo pedals, we knew we had to produce something truly unique. The Plush® tremolo is designed to emulate the unique sound of the Fender Brownface tremolo, one of the more unique and...
  • Plush Extreme Cream
    Plush Extreme Cream
    When we introduced the Plush® Cream™ a number players became repeat customers. When we asked why, they explained that they set one for a great rhythm crunch, and the second for a screaming lead tone. We went beyond...
  • Plush Good Verbrations
    Plush Good Verbrations
    Good Verbrations®. The same innovative reverb circuit in our Verbrator® is now available as a dedicated reverb pedal! Unlike many other reverb pedals, Good Verbrations® allows you to adjust both the level and...

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