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Plush Fuchs Pedals

Plush pedals are the brainchild of Andy Fuchs of Fuchs amps. Plush was a music name from many years ago that was used to brand Fuchs pedal line. What a perfect tonal name Plush ! Overdrive, distortion, compression, boost and killer delay pedals are just what the brand says Plush ! Feature rich, built with quality in New Jersey USA, just awesome tone boutique pedals. The delay pedals are just incredible guitar tone machines.

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  • Plush Pedal Pusher
    Plush Pedal Pusher
    The Pedal Pusher© is a unique pedal like nothing else currently on the market: Featuring two fully separate active low noise FET circuits (based on our Pure Gain®), the Pedal Pusher© can also be used with a...
  • Plush Jersey Lightning
    Plush Jersey Lightning
    Hot on the heels of our "Jersey Thunder©" pedal for bassists, comes "Jersey Lightning©" designed for guitarists. Built to the same high standards of all Fuchs® pedals, Jersey Lightning© provides buffering,...
  • Fuchs Plush Verbrator
    Fuchs Plush Verbrator
    The Verbrator® is a new multipurpose pedal which combines an all-tube effects loop with a studio grade reverb featuring a 32-Khz clock speed for full 16-K audio bandwidth. The Verbrator® is our most innovative pedal...
  • Plush Valve Job
    Plush Valve Job
    Perhaps the closest tone to a boutique tube amp, without the size, weight, and price! Just because you can't afford a boutique tube amp, doesn't mean you shouldn't get the chance to sound like you do! The Plush® Valve...
  • Plush Royal Plush Compressor
    Plush Royal Plush Compressor
    It seems for many years, most guitar compressors have simply been repackaged versions of the same old Dan Armstrong Orange Crush circuit from the '60s! Original Ross and Dan Armstrong compressors are about impossible to find...
  • Fuchs Plush Replay
    Fuchs Plush Replay
    Finally: A tube digital delay that sounds, feels and thinks it’s a tape delay! Andy’s objective was very simple: To create a delay that delivered the warmth and musicality of tape, without the hassles and costs of replacing...
  • Fuchs Plush Replay Jr.
    Fuchs Plush Replay Jr.
    Like the Replay, the Replay Jr delivers tape-like goodness and has the same audio and delay circuits as the Replay, in a more pedal board friendly package. Andy's objective was very simple: To create a series of delays that...
  • Plush Pure Gain
    Plush Pure Gain
    The name says it all! We started with a "clean sheet of paper approach". A unique circuit topology unlike anything currently on the market, the Pure Gain® gives up to 25db of gain (that's about a 20 times increase in...
  • Fuchs Plush - The Plush Drive
    Fuchs Plush - The Plush Drive
    Just because you can't afford a boutique tube amp, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the chance to sound like you do! The Plush® Drive™ was designed for those who want the true tone, response and feel of boutique tube amps...

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