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Roger Mayer

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  • Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz
    Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz
    The Axis Fuzz was developed in early 1967 to give an additional series of tone colours for Jimi. This guitar effect is named after it's most famous use on the title track of the album "Axis Bold as Love". It can also be...
  • Roger Mayer Bel Air Wah
    Roger Mayer Bel Air Wah
    One look at our Vision Wah Low Line Pedals will visually illustrate to you that these foot controllers are unlike any other products that are on the market. Once you have stepped onto one and experienced the...
  • Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz
    Roger Mayer Classic Fuzz
    Our Classic Fuzz incorporates the same modifications that I personally developed for Jimi and can be heard on his early recordings. Electronically this guitar effect uses the Fuzz Face configuration of the classic two...
  • Roger Mayer Metalloid
    Roger Mayer Metalloid
    The Dual Band Metalloid brings parallel path processing and recording studio-mixing quality to our range of distortion pedals. It is in fact two separate distortion sections that are driven by internal splitter...
  • Roger Mayer Mongoose
    Roger Mayer Mongoose
    The MONGOOSE FUZZ was developed in 1985 for guitarists who demand a guitar effect with lots of fat fuzz and enough bottom end to keep a metalhead happy. The MONGOOSE FUZZ also sounds as if it has a pre-set type wah voice...
  • Roger Mayer Mongoose X Distortion
    Roger Mayer Mongoose X Distortion
    The Rocket Mongoose Fuzz has been updated with additional features into our standard enclosure that houses our range of guitar effects. This brings this popular design into a modern player and pedal board friendly...
  • Roger Mayer Spitfire
    Roger Mayer Spitfire
    The Roger Mayer Spitfire is the latest fuzz guitar effect in the Rocket Series and has been deliberately designed to produce the classic triode tube type distortion that is particularly rich in harmonics that are very...
  • Roger Mayer Stone Fuzz
    Roger Mayer Stone Fuzz
    The Roger Mayer STONE FUZZ is is a modern evolution from the fuzz pedals I modified for Jimi. It is a very heavy sounding fuzz with roots that go back to the early fuzzes Jimi used but is not a clone of the old Fuzz Face...
  • Roger Mayer TC Axis Fuzz
    Roger Mayer TC Axis Fuzz
    The Axis pedal first was heard on the Axis Bold as Love album and the TC version has an added passive EQ after the effect to give this pedal great flexibility of tone. Overview:Accurate control of DRIVE level can now be made...

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