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Roger Mayer

  • Roger Mayer Mongoose
    Roger Mayer Mongoose
    The MONGOOSE FUZZ was developed in 1985 for guitarists who demand a guitar effect with lots of fat fuzz and enough bottom end to keep a metalhead happy. The MONGOOSE FUZZ also sounds as if it has a pre-set type wah voice...
  • Roger Mayer Spitfire
    Roger Mayer Spitfire
    The Roger Mayer Spitfire is the latest fuzz guitar effect in the Rocket Series and has been deliberately designed to produce the classic triode tube type distortion that is particularly rich in harmonics that are very...
  • Roger Mayer Stone Fuzz
    Roger Mayer Stone Fuzz
    The Roger Mayer STONE FUZZ is is a modern evolution from the fuzz pedals I modified for Jimi. It is a very heavy sounding fuzz with roots that go back to the early fuzzes Jimi used but is not a clone of the old Fuzz Face...
  • Roger Mayer Voodoo 1
    Roger Mayer Voodoo 1
    The Voodoo-1 has been designed and optimised to suit a wide range of pickups. It is the best choice for humbucking pickups and produces bright clear tone colours that will make solos stand out without sounding too thin...
  • Roger Mayer Voodoo Axe Classic Guitar Pedal
    Roger Mayer Voodoo Axe Classic Guitar Pedal
    The Voodoo-Axe is our latest fuzz guitar effect pedal and has many of the qualities the Axis Fuzz which I designed for Jimi in 1968. Jimi used the original Axis on the landmark recording 'Axis Bold as Love' and the...