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Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver

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Sounds like: Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Stevie Ray, EVH, Robin Trower, and David Gilmour--none of whom, of course, endorse this product.

Skreddy Pedals™ Hybrid Fuzz Driver combines the best aspects of our popular Screw Driver and Lunar Module pedals into a format optimized for humbucking pickups. 

To counteract the tendency of some humbuckers towards muddiness (caused by excessive bass), the Hybrid Fuzz Driver keeps low frequencies from over-saturating.  This lets you hear that gorgeous bell-like attack with the woody tone of your Les Paul instead of a brick-wall-compressed buzz or excessive coloration, even when you turn the gain way up high.

With single coils, you get all that lovely chime and with a nice, hot top end that makes your Strat's in-between settings really sparkle and pop out like you've always wished they would.  This is great news for those of you with RWRP middle pickups:no more dark, un-usable out-of-phase settings!

Headroom, openness, and clarity are all incredible for a fuzz-based effect.  You will hear the tone of your guitar with its natural eq and attack coming through, not a fuzz tone superimposed upon it; no thinning out or muddying up, and no excessively compressed or congested feel.

Guitar volume clean-up is superb.  No change in tone as you roll off your volume--it just cleans up gradually and predictably. 

As you turn up the gain of the input transistor (mid boost), you get hotter harmonics and more aggression and sustain without losing chord tightness or string definition.

The volume control is set up to match unity gain at around noon, and of course there is PLENTY of extra volume boost available.

The tightness control is mild and well-balanced, with no excess woofiness at counter-clock-wise; just a more saturated but still in-the-pocket tone.  And extra jangliness, but not too thin, at clock-wise. 


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