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Skreddy Pedals

Marc from Skreddy pedal was a very early Musictoyz.com forum member and has gone to become a high quality guitar pedal builder be it overdrive, fuzz, phaser, or echo. Skreddy pedals define tone, define quality and define vintage and modern guitar tone in a pedal. There is a reason why these guitar pedal's are not easy to get and keep in stock ! The guitar community know's quality when they see it and scoop them up as fast as Skreddy can build them ! Do not wait !

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  • Skreddy Rubber Soul Guitar Effect Pedal
    Skreddy Rubber Soul Guitar Effect Pedal
    I just wanted to let you in on our newest product, officially released the other day.  The Skreddy Pedals Rubber Soul is targeted at the Vox AC30 sound and is filled with not only small-combo mojo but...
  • Skreddy BC109 Fuzz Guitar Pedal
    Skreddy BC109 Fuzz Guitar Pedal
    Adjustable but not refined—an angry, raw, vintage-style 2-transistor fuzz with extra controls and tweaks to let you recreate oodles of classic fuzz sounds with minimum hassle The Skreddy Pedals™ BC109 FUZZ is...
  • Skreddy Mayonaise Mk III distortion fuzz guitar pedal
    Skreddy Mayonaise Mk III distortion fuzz guitar pedal
    A faithful recreation of that old-school big box that gave us our start Creamy, sustaining, amp-blowing-up, huge distortion with a grainy, ear-pleasing, low-fi edge and just the right amount of 'hair' Heavy does not have...
  • Skreddy Perestroika Fuzz Pedal
    Skreddy Perestroika Fuzz Pedal
    The Skreddy Pedals™ Perestroika hearkens to the early 1990's Russian tank version fuzz which had a gritty bite to the top end, a smooth, gently scooped midrange, and a warm, but not boomy low end. Okay, it can get...
  • Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver
    Skreddy Hybrid Fuzz Driver
    Sounds like: Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Stevie Ray, EVH, Robin Trower, and David Gilmour--none of whom, of course, endorse this product. Skreddy Pedals™ Hybrid Fuzz Driver combines the best aspects of our...
  • Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine Phaser
    Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine Phaser
    Signature mid-70's phaser voicing, balancing clarity and definition with lushness and depth The elegant Little Miss Sunshine is a joy to behold—doubly so because the simplicity belies a deep sonic character...
  • Skreddy Swirl
    Skreddy Swirl
    Optical* Phase Shifter With a Classic 1969 Voice Chewy, lush, watery, vibe-style phaser with superior clarity and frequency response compared to a vintage specimen or a clone Gorgeous and addictive tone The sweep has been...
  • Skreddy Echo Delay guitar pedal
    Skreddy Echo Delay guitar pedal
    Lush, Tape-Like, Saturated Delays with Adjustable Warble Ultra-High Sample-Rate (Delta-Sigma) Digital Delay with Analog Filtering and Limiting Transparent, Analog "Dry" Path with Tons of Headroom Effects Loop for Delay Line...
  • Skreddy Lunar Module Mini Deluxe
    Skreddy Lunar Module Mini Deluxe
    Edgy, Aggressive Silicon Fuzz With huge range including clean, overdrive, and distortion The Skreddy Pedals™ Lunar Module was designed for "that" certain silicon fuzz tone guitar solo I fell in love with on a best-selling...

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