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MXR FOD Drive Pedal IN STOCK AGAIN ! - Killer Drive pedal that is like having two screaming stack in a 6 inch box ! The FOD Drive is the result of their efforts. Painstakingly recreating each amplifier in pedal circuit form, the MXR engineers fit them into a single housing as separate channels—High Gain and Crunch Gain. Each channel has its own Gain and Volume controls so that you can dial in just the right sonic signature for each side. The Blend control then allows you to set the mix ratio of the two signals—just like having two separate amps running into a mixing box. The Tone knob sets the EQ for the overall output signal, and the Scoop switch allows you to choose between flat, scooped, or boosted midrange voices.GOTO 

Mutron HAZ re-issue BACK IN STOCK

Mutron HAZ re-issue BACK IN STOCKThe Mutron Re-Issue from HAZ take forever to get in stock, and when they arrive they sell out immediate. If you want the Mutron Jerry Garcia sound this is the pedal for either Guitar or Bass. They look the same, they sound the same, and very fairly priced. We have [...]

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Tru-Fi Spider Fuzz Peak !!

Tru-Fi Pedals - Pre-Release tease, The Spider Fuzz a Tonebender Mk 1 tribute to Mick Ronson who I fell in love with on Ziggy Stardust album. He was the leader of the Spiders from Mars with @davidbowie in the early 70s tours and his tone with a Mk 1 and a half cocked Wah [...]

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JHS Colour Box Version 2 BACK IN STOCK !!

JHS Colour Box V2 is back in stock, this pedal sells out immediate upon arrival because of its unique purpose and high level of craftsmanship. IT emulates a Neve console and the tone of going direct into the console like artists did in the 70s. Many artists have gone direct into a recording console from [...]

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​Electro Harmonix Oceans 12 Guitar Pedal

Electro Harmonix Oceans 12 - The big brother to reverb monster Oceans 11 is shipping again, the monster of space and time. If you dabble in unknown of space and time then the Oceans 12 array of many types of reverb to choose and tweak. It features two simultaneous, independent, stereo reverb engines, series and parallel [...]

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King Tone Vintage Fuzz and Germ Fuzz Are Here

King Tone shipped up Vintage Fuzz, and MiniFuzz Si and Ge. There are killer fuzz pedals, and will sell out VERY quickly ! 

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Spaceman Effects Polaris in BLACK

Spaceman Effects Polaris in BLACK - We still have TWO Spaceman Polaris Pedals in black 1 of only 20 made. They won't last the weekend so please act now, legendary builder and pedal in limited color. Thank You www.musictoyz.com #spacemanpedals #guitarpedals #guitarist #stompbox #knowyourtone #guitargear #guitarfx #pedalporn #pedalboard #guitarpedals #fuzzbox #guitaristsofinstagram

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Origin Effects BACK IN STOCK

Origin Effects BACK IN STOCK - We finally made contact with Origin again, and got Deluxe Comps and other pedals coming across the ocean !! We put RevivalDrive Compact on order, they are way back ordered do not know when they will arrive. So please go one of the finest compressors, tremolo's or drive units [...]

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Hey it has been one rough month for everyone and we hope your all safe, not crazy yet, and staying positive. I am here still packing and taking order, just keep playing and head up. I do not want to sound like every commercial on TV because the isolation is real. Hang tough, be unique, [...]

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Beetronics FATBEE Overdrive SHIPPING

Beetronics FATBEE Overdrive SHIPPING - The incredible Bee keepers from California have shipped their new Overdrive pedal the FATBEE which is gonna take the guitar market by swarm. Just a killer compact well made overdrive pedal by the hive masters who brought you lots of Fuzz to start. THE FATBEE PACKS THE FATTEST OVERDRIVE TONES ON THE [...]

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