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Catalinbread Epoch Pre Amp/Buffer Guitar Pedal


Catalinbread Epoch Pre Amp/Buffer Guitar Pedal - Hey Jimmy Page of Zeppelin fame had the most incredible Rock Blues tone, using a Les Paul and Marshall but also hidden was him running through Tape Delays and using the front end pre-amp to boost and sculpt his tone. His choise of tone was the Echoplex EP-3 the Epoch Pre was modeled after the exact preamp circuit from the original EP-3, from the 22v power supply to the JFET preamp, to the circuit loading contributed by the echo function. Not only does it provide boost it acts like a mastering plug-in on the master fader - making your whole pedalboard sounds bigger, lusher, wider, the Epoch Pre can bundle all the frequencies without squishing them like a compressor! Tone Galore ! CLICK FOR MORE