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MXR Custom Shop Raijin Drive


MXR Custom Shop Raijin Drive - Very rarely do I send out an email on a single pedal, but the MXR Raijin Drive is just so good. We went thru the first shipment in a day, the second shipment got here today. I took one and plugged it in and the pedal is just SO USEFUL ! When in the Overdrive setting you get wonderful chord crunch that is transparent and amp like. When you switch it to distortion it just lifts off, Dumble and Dimed Marshall tones galore that is just a solo tone to die for ! I took it for a drive today and this box is just special as advertized. The overdrive is transparent and amp like, great for just crunchy chords, blues sold BUT THE DISTORTION OMG ! This thing is dumble, cracked smooth gain, fat, DAMMMMMMMM. Check the QUICK I did on Instagram it is just very fat and round and full of tone ! GET THIS BATCH ASAP  !