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Zvex Vibraphase Modulation Guitar Pedal


Zvex Vibraphase Modulation Guitar Pedal - We have been a Zvex dealer for over 20 years, and they never stop amazing us. Their boxs are bit left of center and the is the beauty of them but eventually you make so many lefts your right at the center. Not Zvex they keep pushing the boundaries of time, tone and space and have a winner in the Vibraphase. Just a beautiful modulation pedal that is as stunning to look at it is to play. Thats the Zvex way - Click To Go

A few years ago ZVEX Effects released the Candela Vibrophase™, a candle-powered vibrato/phaser machined from solid brass and glass that used a mix of 1800s technology (a Sterling heat engine) and 60s/70s audio circuitry to create a lovely swirling effect. We received numerous requests to put that sound into a guitar pedal and after a bunch of research we came up with a way of dramatically broadening the spectrum of textures available using the original circuitry from the Candela. It's presented to you here as the Vibrophase™, a five-knob four-stage phaser that creates phase and vibrato nuances never heard before. Five knobs! Count 'em! Speed sweeps from maddeningly slow to puppy dog flippy, vibrato/phase sweeps from, erm, you'll figure that out, feedback sends the output back through the phaser again to raise intensity, and there are controls for the top end and bottom end of the sweep so you can completely tailor the sound to your song. I think you're really going to enjoy this. It's just really pretty.