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Mu-Tron III Is Shipping Again !

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Mu-Tron III Is Shipping Again ! - The Mu-Tron III the original envelope filter for that pure Jerry Wah Wah sound is back and shipping. They sell out fast and are hard to keep in stock so if you want one please order asap. The Mu-Tron III was based on a Guild prototypes called the Timbre Generator. The inventory said he chose the envelope-controlled filter over other synthesizer elements, such as ring modulation, because it sounded more musical; it was a more general effect that would lend itself to a variety of applications, and it was easy to use.

The Mu-tron III became an instant success and was used by a variety of musicians for a variety of instruments, especially guitar, Clavinet, and bass.[5] Perhaps the best-known use of it is by Stevie Wonder,[6] who used it on his Clavinet for the song "Higher Ground". Hugely popular in the Grateful Dead Jerry tone many a jam band has used the Mu-Tron III to re-create the famous Jerry Tone.