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Guitar Pedals

  • Wren and Cuff Gold Compressor pedal
    Wren and Cuff Gold Compressor pedal
    The Gold comp really is a truly special pedal. A year and a half of experimenting, tweaking, refining, and testing has resulted in a pedal worthy of the Wren and Cuff name. Two hand-tested vintage Germanium transistors in...
  • Mid-Fi electronics Psych Byke
    Mid-Fi electronics Psych Byke
    the Psych Byke is a 60's biker movie/spaghetti western/garage psych inspired fuzz pedal with a unique fuzz control that allows you to dial in everything from the traditional thin 60's tone, to a much more modern buzz tone...
  • Pete Cornish Batt Free Series LD-1
    Pete Cornish Batt Free Series LD-1
    Our low noise discrete component Class A pre-amplifier has been specifically designed to overcome the problems often encountered with amplification of Electric Instruments fitted with magnetic transducers. Pete Cornish...
  • Pete Cornish SS-2
    Pete Cornish SS-2
    PLZ DO NOT EBAY FOR PROFIT !! THERE TO BE USED !! Pete Cornish pedals are LIMITED...ONE TO A CUSTOMER NO EBAY SELLING ....Ship Dec 16 to 18 sometime Replaces the SS-2 The Pete Cornish SS-3 satisfies a tremendous void in...
  • Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra
    Catalinbread Sabbra Cadabra
    While bands like The Beatles are widely credited with influencing modern rock music, there is perhaps no band more blatantly aped today than Black Sabbath. Sabbath's exquisite smoky riffs have helped shape music for decades,...
  • Pete Cornish Battery Free P-2
    Pete Cornish Battery Free P-2
    TWO CORNISH PEDALS TOTAL TO A CUSTOMER !! PLZ DO NOT EBAY FOR PROFIT !! THERE TO BE USED !! Ships 12/16 to 18 approx The P-2 's full, bright sound cuts through the mix effortlessly. This pedal was the recipient of the...
  • Suhr Rufus Fuzz Guitar Pedal
    Suhr Rufus Fuzz Guitar Pedal
    The Suhr Rufus is a unique fuzz pedal designed to offer a wealth of fuzz tone effects with the dynamics and tactile response of a tube amplifier. Whether your tastes are for the historic tones created at The Fillmore East...
  • Catalinbread Galileo MKII
    Catalinbread Galileo MKII
    A custom-tuned Rangemaster booster combined with the pre-amp section of a Vox AC30 gives you the distinctive throaty midrange and jangle-y crunch of Brian May. Three controls get you to the essence of the Brian May sound -...
  • Fulltone Black on Black TTE
    Fulltone Black on Black TTE
    This is the new version should be shipping end of May...first run will sell out !  There is nothing funnier (to me) than the makers of this new wave of digital and chip-based delays claiming to "sound like a tape echo...

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