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Zvex Clear Fuzz Factory ! LAST ONE


Musictoyz.com : @Zvex clear Fuzz Factory is just very cool, we have sold a bunch and we have no idea if they will EVER be available again. Soooooo if you want one I would suggest you jump now, you can see the circuit board at the top inside ! There is only ONE of these classic limited no longer made legendary guitar fuzz box's left ! www.musictoyz.com

Zvex Fuzz Factory in Clear ! LIMITED

Zvex Fuzz Factory in Clear ! LIMITED - Zvex for over 20 years has been at the forefront of cool guitar pedals that are new and different. They also have been the leader of cool and interesting paint and packaging and now they have out done themselves. The have released a LIMTED clear enclosure version [...]

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Zvex VERTICAL Instant Lo-Fi Junky

Zvex is releasing a Vertical version of their popular Instant Lo-Fi Junky to make it more pedalboard friendly. Zvex has done this with many of their popular pedals with great results in getting more guitar players to buy into their great unique and tone centered pedals. Check Them Out

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