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Tru-Fi Pedals Sales Explode !


Tru-Fi Sales Exploded Last Weekend !

Last weekend we ran a 20% coupon, and sales did really well. Below you
see the picture of all the custom designed pedals our wonderful customer's
purchased last weekend AT 20 % OFF !!!. Look at the array of pedal colors,
these are pedals in a box, it's custom made for you in 7 days !

We need to get you FUZZED !!! Let's GO !!!

Next Week : They introduce 2 more classic Fuzz's


Tru-Fi UK Painted Version

Tru-Fi UK Flag Guitar Pedal Version - Trying to offer some custom paintwork models, we masked this up to see how it would look ? What do you guys think, the real models would be painted. But do you think its worth a run of 25 UK Flag Models....comments ? You could really order the [...]

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Ibanex OD850 Overdrive Guitar Pedal

Ibanex OD850 Overdrive Guitar Pedal - Ibanez has re-introduced the OD850 Overdriver pedal and goes full circle to where this madness of guitar tone and pedals started. Back in the mid-70s there was not to many pedals being produced Fuzz Face, Vox Tonebenders, Sam Ash Fuzz, MXR Distortion Plus, Boss had just started, not many [...]

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