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Fulltone Shipment TODAY !


Fulltone Shipment TODAY ! - Lots of Fulltone arrived today from Overdrives to Vibes to Trems to Wah WAHHHHS. Fulltone the original and the pedal full of guitar tone from heaven ! OCDs, Fulldrives, Deja-Vibes, Clyde Wahs whatever your tone weapon of choice is please click and buy today  !


When You Step On It

When You Step On It - What I mean by this statement is when you step on a guitar pedal what happens ? If your not feeling a jolt of excitement and passion well something is wrong with what your stepping on. Guitar pedals, Stompboxs, Guitar Toys aren't just to play with they are to [...]

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50 years ago the Wah Wah, Del Kacher, and Frank Zappa

50 years ago the Wah Wah, Del Kacher, and Frank Zappa Fifty years ago, Del Kacher who resided in the Hills of California was budding Les Paul guitar playing, inventor, and studio owner. He did sessions, he had a killer studio in his garage, and he worked with multiple companies on inventions such as for [...]

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