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ADA GSC-6 Cabinent Simulator and DI Box

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GCS-6 Stereo Guitar Cabinet Simulator & DI Box

The New Stereo GCS-6 adds to ADA’s line of analog cabinet simulators and processed DI boxes, and features two independent cabinets, stereo HEADPHONE OUTPUTs and a stereo AUX IN for silent practice. The GCS-6 replaces the physical combination of speakers, cabinets and microphones used in live performance and recording with consistent and “real world” guitar cabinet simulation in a small steel enclosure suitable for pedal boards and DAWs. The GCS-6 features a unique set of unconventional filters tuned to the natural acoustic resonances and frequency responses of mic’d guitar speaker cabinets. The GCS-6 is inserted between the output of a preamplifier, power amp or pedal board and a recording interface or PA system. The GCS-6 includes two independent LEVEL controls with LED monitoring meters to optimize performance. The XLR OUTPUTs are compatible with phantom power, and a pair of 20dB INPUT PADs and PASS THRU jacks allow for direct connection to power amp outputs.

New features available in the GCS-6:

  • Stereo In and Stereo Out
  • Stereo Aux Input with Level control
  • Stereo Cab Sim Level Control
  • Stereo Headphone Output with 3.5mm and ¼” jacks
  • Separate LED Level meters and Level controls for each Cabinet
  • Input Select switch for each Cabinet
  • ON/OFF Power switch

Independent Front panel controls for each cabinet:

  • British or American Speaker
  • 10 or 12-inch Speaker
  • Vintage or Modern Cone and Magnet
  • Open or Sealed Cabinet
  • Mic Placement
  • Input Select for each Cabinet
  • Full-Range DI or Cab Sim

Rear panel controls:

  • Stereo Aux In with Level control (Headphone Output)
  • Cab Sim Level control (Headphone Output)
  • Cabinet Select Switch (Cab 1(mono), Cab 2 (mono), Cab 1 + Cab 2 (stereo))
  • ON/OFF Power switch

Jack panel controls: 

  • 20db Input Pad for connecting to power amps 
  • (2)  ¼” Pass Thru to speakers or load box.
  • (2)  Balanced XLR Outputs that are phantom power compatible 
  • (2)  Unbalanced ¼” Phone Jack Outputs
  • (2)  Line/Mic Level selector switch for Balanced XLR Outputs
  • (2)  Pin 1 Ground Lift for Balanced XLR Outputs

Made in California, housed in a rugged all-steel enclosure (5.4” x 4.2” x 1.8” LxWxH), using the highest quality components, the GCS-6 comes with a and a one-year parts and labor warranty.  The GCS-6 can be powered by a standard 12VDC pedal board power supply rated at 100mA.  Optional AC Adapter for the GCS-6 is sold separately (ADA P/N: 240010)  

Product Videos

ADA CGS-6 Stereo Cab Sim | Keeley ARIA | GFI System Specular Tempus (09:32)
https://robertkeeley.com/Aria+Compressor+Overdrive https://www.adaamps.com/Products/ada-GCS/GCS6.htm https://www.gfisystem.com/specular-tempus.html This video began as a shoot for the A/DA GCS-6 Cabinet Simulator & DI, yet another brilliant piece of analog gear from the workshop of David Tarnowski's A/DA. The CGS-6 is a true stereo version of the mighty CGS-5 - the mono version. You can view my demonstration of the CGS-5 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt-2vIiYMJs. The CGS-6 is two of them in the same box. That means you can do things like run stereo effects into it and have two discrete cabinets panned left and right. Enter the awesome GFI System Specular Tempus Delay/Reverb. Next to my high-end Fractal Audio gear, the GFI System Specular Tempus has some of the most lush and beautiful delay/reverb algorithms I've ever heard. Henry Widjaja is one of the new-breed pedal geniuses. I say that because everything he's released thus far has been a little masterpiece. So the Specular Tempus was my choice as a perfect feed for the A/DA GCS-6. Of course, I needed a preamp of some sort. Something to drive both of the aforementioned pedals. Robert Keeley's brand new ARIA was on my desk, patiently awaiting attention. It's being released on June 28th 2018. The ARIA features a fine compressor along with two shades of their best OD. Perfect! The guitar is a 60's Jag tribute built by a friend in Australia. It's a fat-necked Jag with Mastery hardware and Lollar Jaguar Pickups. I love it. You're hearing me indulge with the guitar and the three pedals only. No other post processing save a little limiting was added. Apologies for the rough camera positioning over the pedals. It was a dummy shoot that sounded so cool in the morning I just had to go with it.
  • ADA CGS-6 Stereo Cab Sim | Keeley ARIA | GFI System Specular Tempus
    https://robertkeeley.com/Aria+Compressor+Overdrive https://www...
  • A/DA Amps: GCS-6 Stereo Cab Simulator & DI Box
    https://www.adaamps.com/Products/ada-GCS/GCS6.htm I thought t...

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